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The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit gathering core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors and other community organizations for plenary sessions and workgroup meetings to meet face-to-face to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today. If your company is not a member of The Linux Foundation and you are interested in joining please visit our website to learn more about how you can become a Corporate Member.

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Phil Robb

Linux Foundation
Vice President - Operations, Networking & Orchestration
Colorado, U.S.A.
Phil Robb’s experience spans more than 30 years of work on the leading edge of software and networking technology, beginning with the launch of the personal computer in the early 1980s. He began working with open source in 2001 at Hewlett Packard, where he formed and led the company’s open source program office to create and guide the open source strategy and processes for the company.

Today, as Vice President of Operations, Networking & Orchestration, for The Linux Foundation, Phil uses his breadth of business, technical, and open source experience to guide leading networking and telecom organizations to participate in and leverage open source projects to deliver rapid, disruptive innovation to their customers.

After joining The Linux Foundation in 2013, Phil launched the OpenDaylight project. He also was instrumental in the formation and launch of OPNFV. Most recently, he was responsible for the formation and operational oversight of the ONAP technical community.